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Stories: I TL 3047-00, I TL 3047-01, I TL 3047-02, I TL 3047-03, I TL 3047-04, I TL 3047-05, I TL 3047-1P, I TL 3047-3, I TL 3047-4, Xpt/BDE 86. Germany: Die tollsten Geschichten von Donald Duck (Sonderheft) 323, 324. Italy: Disney Golden Edition 1; Topo Goal 5; Topolino (libretto) 3047; Tutto Disney 62. Portugal: Almanaque do Patinhas e do Mickey 1, 22; Club Penguin 9; Disney Comix 71; Pato Donald (segunda série) 51, 61 (other recently indexed comics...).

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